Tropical Acres Feral Cat Rescue Service (TAFCRS)

Where and Why TAFCRS was born.

My name is William L McCay (Bill). I’ve always been animal-friendly and certifiably cat crazy for over 20 years now. This is what made me decide to create TAFCRS. Through study and observation over the years, I’ve learned a lot about cats and cat behavior.

I have run Tropical Acres Feral Cat Rescue Service as a self-funded program to trap, neuter and return feral cats in my area as well as the colony that was on my property when I moved back here in 2005. In 2009 I began expanding out to help with feral cats in my neighborhood and TAFCRS officially began.  In 2014 we were registered with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.  Today I am able to feed the 27 cats I presently have on record but would like to be able to get their vaccinations up to date and provide flea treatment along with other medical care. We are asking that you make a small donation to help achieve this. Just remember a lot of small donations can add up. 100% of all money raised goes to the care of the cats, so hurry over to the TAFCRS donation page and submit a $10.00 donation and then go over to the CatstNeeding Homes page to see if there is a cat that you would like to give a good home. Also, do not forget to tell your friends about us.  Tropical Acres Feral Cat Rescue Service (TAFCRS) is the registered name of my feral colony with The Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Our Mission

Our mission is the care, feeding and population control (TNVR) of feral cats within our range of operation and to find forever homes for the cats we can.

Adoption Policy:  The cats may or may not have been neutered, and will be noted if they have.  They have not received vet treatment beyond what was done when / if neutered and may not have current immunization. The adaptor accepts this risk.  All cats can be returned if necessary with no questions asked.  There is no time limit for returns.

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