** Because of all that is going on with the world we can not take any more cats. So please do not call and ask as we are having a hard time taking care of the animals we have. Remember, all help that we receive will be appreciated.

Chairman of the Board with mom about us
On the left, we have Mom holding the chairman of the board making sure everything is going smoothOn the right we have Bill holding the chairman of the board.

The about us is all about Bill. He is a person that loves cats and started this business to help the cats and the community. For many years the business grew and was funded from the job. In 2014 the job came to an end. Things went along OK till 2015 when an  Emergency came along and the only solution was to sell the car to fix the problem. Now money is getting very low and food for the cats is hard to come by. We are asking you to make a donation so that the business can keep going helping the cat population down. This will keep the people from having a problem with the cats. Remember only you can make it happen so please go to the donation page.