About Us


Chairman of the Board with mom

On the left we have the chairman and mother making sure all is going smooth.

On the right, we have Bill holding the chairman

Owner / Operator

About Us

The about us is all about Bill. He is a person that loves cats and started this business to help the cats and the community. For many years the business was self-funded by his job. Now for several reasons, money is getting very low. Food, medicine, and other supplies for the cats are getting harder to come by. We are asking people who care to make a donation. This will help maintain our high level of care for the cats and to allow us to continue providing service to our community.  This also helps keep the feral cat population down.  Remember only you can make it happen, so please go to the donation page to help us take care of the cats.  We also make cats available for adoption for FREE. If for some reason it does not work out, the cat may be returned at any time for any reason.

About the Cats on the CATS NEEDING HOMES Page. None of the cats listed are true ferals. They were either born here, dropped off, fosters or abandoned to my colony. They may not be as quick to accept you but they will. It just takes time, patience and love.